How to Join?

Business Professionals of America is open to any student at the high school or college level. However, individual members join through a local chapter. Many schools throughout the state have BPA chapters. 

If your school has a chapter, contact your local BPA advisor for instructions on how you can join the chapter. 

If your school does NOT have a BPA chapter, follow the steps indicated below to form a new chapter. Starting a new chapter may seem overwhelming, but it actually does not require as much work as you think. This page demonstrates the step by step process of starting a new chapter, which can be broken down into four major steps.

If you are homeschooled, or have challenges finding a chapter advisor but still want to join - we have the MA BPA Secondary Virtual Chapter. Please contact MA BPA's State Director Makenzi Tiberii at

If you are in college - you can either start a new chapter at your college or university using the steps below, or join the MA BPA Post-secondary Virtual Chapter.

Find a teacher, staff member or professor at your school or college who is willing to serve as the local advisor for your new BPA chapter. This could be anybody, but are typically business teachers, shop teachers, or student activities directors. Once you have found an advisor (or If you are an advisor reading this), familiarize yourself with the Local Chapter Handbook to learn about Business Professionals of America and its programs.

2. Register your chapter

3. Start your chapter's activities

“Starting a chapter” does not end after officially registering online - it's time to make your chapter run! Here are examples of basic procedures BPA chapters take.

Chapter connect

Started your chapter but need help getting It off the ground? We can help connect your chapter's advisor(s) & officer(s) with another established MA BPA Chapter to get advice on best practices. E-mail MA BPA's State Director Makenzi Tiberii to learn more.

Additional resources for new chapters:

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Need help? Email MA BPA's State Director Makenzi Tiberii at