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The purpose of the Program of Work is to outline the ambitious goals and initiatives the State Officer Team wishes to accomplish for the membership year. 

In order to enhance the membership’s experience, improve member participation, and increase the social media presence of Massachusetts Business Professionals of America, the State Officer Team has come up with various comprehensive steps to achieve these goals.

PS Program of Work 2023-2024

Post-secondary Program of work

The Post-secondary President works with the Post-secondary Virtual Chapter to create and manage a Program of work. The purpose of the Post-secondary Program of Work is to enhance the membership’s experience, improve member participation and grow the division. 

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Meet your 2023-2024 State Officer Team!

Dhruv Shah - Secondary President -

I am excited and honored to be your 2023-2024 Secondary State President this year. As a rising Junior, I have been a part of BPA for the past two years, and the experiences and knowledge that I have gained from this organization have shaped me into becoming a leader and professional in the business world. I’ve taken what I’ve learned from BPA and used it in many extracurricular activities, such as improving my diplomatic relations by being an officer at my chapter’s Model United Nations and starting my own business.

Outside of school, I value outdoor activities and mindfulness, as well as spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy reading, playing golf, and playing the piano. Over this term, I plan to provide the resources and advice that every single member needs to succeed in their own business goals, whether it be how to become a better public speaker or start their own business. I’m very grateful to have been given this opportunity to serve each and every one of you, and I hope all the members are just excited for next year as we are!

Evan Lewis - Secondary Vice President -

I’m elated to be serving alongside my fellow officers as your 2023-2024 Secondary Vice President. I’m a junior in the Information Technology program at Keefe Regional Technical School. Last year was my first year in BPA. I feel that I was able to fully realize its value and grow more confident in my public speaking skills. This is my second year as a BPA member and I’m grateful to once again be serving as a state officer.

Outside of BPA I always find myself doing a variety of things. I love to play music as a trumpeter for the MetroWest Symphony Orchestra. I’m a runner for the cross country and track teams at Keefe Tech. I’m extremely excited for this next year, from this upcoming NLC to next year's SLC. I know that alongside this team we will be able to elevate the experience of our members to new heights.

Vainavi Malisetty - Secondary Secretary -

I’m honored and beyond thrilled to serve as your 2023-2024 Secondary Secretary. This fall, I will be a Junior at Hopkinton High School. While I initially joined Business Professionals of America on a whim during my freshman year, BPA has given me the opportunity to meet and learn from so many exceptional and inspirational people, as well as gain confidence in my interpersonal skills, allowing me to better achieve my professional goals.

Apart from serving as a state officer, I also enjoy volunteering at a local museum, writing long-form essays for my Q&A blog, and delivering dramatic closing statements as part of my high school’s Mock Trial team. Still, from rewatching old episodes of Psych and exploring new genres of music and literature to going out with my friends, most of my free time is spent engaging with the things (and people!) I love. As a state officer, I hope to further develop a collaborative environment amongst MA BPA members to continually bridge the COVID-19 communication gap and make BPA a more enjoyable experience for all!

Josh Abreu - Secondary Treasurer -

I am extremely excited about this opportunity and dedicated to serving as your 2023-2024 Secondary Treasurer! This upcoming year I am going to be a senior at Greater New Bedford Regional Technical Highschool. My BPA career started in the fall of my Junior year in the Business Technology shop where I was introduced to the program. Since then, I have been an active participant eager to learn about the events and opportunities Business Professionals of America offers. Although this is my first year in the program I have already met so many amazing people who are just as eager as I am about the future of this organization.

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with family, playing video games with friends, and building legos. I also enjoy going out to eat, as well as listening to music that varies from Bruno Mars to Queen. My goal this year as a state officer is to expand the organization's presence in the world, as well as create more scholarship opportunities within our organization. I look forward to meeting you all and exploring the possibilities of BPA this upcoming year!

Alex Mello - Secondary Historian -

I am so excited to be serving as your 2023-2024 Secondary Historian. I am a junior at Keefe Tech and studying Information Technology. If I’m not at school, you will find me fiddling around with a new hobby or trying not to fall off of my skateboard. My first year in Business Professionals of America was an eye opener! Last year I joined with the hope of going to Dallas, Texas, and when I did, my view of BPA changed forever. I met people who introduced me to new ideas and learned a lot about myself.


With the upcoming year, I hope to keep growing my leadership skills and public speaking skills. I am honored to be working alongside my fellow state officers to serve you and look forward to the coming year!

Rylie Hamblin - Secondary Parliamentarian -

I am so thrilled to serve as your 2023-2024 Parliamentarian! I am a rising senior at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School, where I study Business and Applied Technologies. This is where I first learned about BPA. This organization helped me realize that utilizing my skillset can help me achieve great things. It has shown me what a true leader is and my hope is that I can inspire aspiring leaders to create an impact within this organization.

Outside of BPA, I also take part in DECA, SkillsUSA, National Technical Honors Society, and Students Orientation Leaders. In my free time I love going on trips with my friends and spending time out in nature. When I’m not doing that, you can definitely find me rewatching a Marvel movie. My goals as a state officer are to help you find your voice, as well as expand our network as a whole. I am so grateful to be working with you this year!

Timothy Nguyen - Post-secondary President -

I am honored to serve as your 2023-2024 Post-secondary State President. I am currently a junior at UMass Lowell studying Business Administration with a dual concentration in Accounting and Finance. I began my BPA journey in 2018 with the Lowell High School chapter, and ever since then, I have never looked back.

BPA has given me a plethora of life-changing experiences that have helped me develop into the leader I am today. Outside of BPA, I work as a member service representative at a well-respected credit union, and I am currently participating in an internship where I help low-income families file their tax returns. In my free time, I enjoy running, watching Netflix, and spending time with family and friends. As your State Officer, I strive to be an impactful leader who represents your interests, and I am committed to helping you Sieze the Opportunity in the Post-Secondary Virtual Chapter.