State Officer Team


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The purpose of the Program of Work is to outline the ambitious goals and initiatives the State Officer Team wishes to accomplish for the membership year. 

In order to enhance the membership’s experience, improve member participation, and increase the social media presence of Massachusetts Business Professionals of America, the State Officer Team has come up with various comprehensive steps to achieve these goals.

Meet your 2024-2025 State Officer Team!

Vainavi Malisetty - Secondary President 

I’m honored and beyond thrilled to serve as your 2024-2025 Secondary

President. This fall, I will be a senior at Hopkinton High School. While I

initially joined Business Professionals of America on a whim during my

freshman year, BPA has given me the opportunity to connect and learn

from so many exceptional and inspirational people, as well as gain

confidence in my personal skills, better allowing me to achieve my

professional goals.

Apart from serving as a state officer, I also enjoy writing long-form essays

for my blog, volunteering at a local museum, and delivering dramatic

closing statements as captain of my high school’s Mock Trial team. Still,

from rewatching old episodes of Psych and exploring new genres of music

and literature to going out with my friends, most of my free time is spent

engaging with the things (and people!) I love. As a state officer, I hope to

establish regular forms of Zoom communication between the officer team

and chapter leaders so that we can better understand and target the issues

that members faces. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish this year

with MA BPA!

Dhruv Shah - Secondary Vice President 

I am excited and honored to be your 2024-2025 Secondary State Vice President this year. As a rising Senior, I have been a part of BPA for the past three years, and the experiences and knowledge that I have gained from this organization have shaped me into a better leader and person. I’ve taken what I’ve learned from BPA and used it in many extracurricular activities, such as improving my diplomatic relations by being an officer at my chapter’s Model United Nations and starting my own business.

Outside of school, I value outdoor activities, mindfulness, and spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy reading, playing golf, and playing the piano. Over this term, I plan to provide the resources and advice that every member needs to succeed in their business goals, whether it be how to become a better public speaker or start their own business. I’m very grateful to have been given this opportunity to serve every one of you, and I hope all the members are just as excited for next year as we are!

Rylie Hamblin - Secondary Secretary

I am so ecstatic to serve as your 2024-2025 Secondary Secretary! I first learned about BPA through my business teacher at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School, and I have been a part of it ever since. Now as an incoming college freshman, I am serving my second term in state office. This organization helped me realize that by utilizing my skills, I can achieve great things. It has also given me the confidence to become a better leader. My hope is that I can inspire aspiring leaders and serve as a mentor to create a lasting impact within this organization.

Outside of BPA, I love to experience new things by traveling and spending time out in nature but on a rainy day I am always happy to stay inside and read a book. I enjoy going to museums and road trips with my friends along with going to small music artists concerts. Throughout this term, I want to enhance membership and foster community involvement. I aspire to see all of us develop interpersonal skills that will contribute to our growth as a team and as individuals. I look forward to working with you all this year!

Kaesha Rajgor - Secondary Treasurer 

I am honored and elated to serve alongside my officers as your 2024-2025 Secondary Treasurer! I am currently a sophomore at Hopkinton High School, and I’ve been a member of BPA since my freshman year. I originally joined this organization in hopes of improving my public speaking and communication skills, yet, through my experiences, I’ve learned so much more from the BPA community. The knowledge I’ve gained has shaped me into becoming a leader and professional, allowing me to serve as one of your state officers today!

Outside of BPA, I’m an active member of my community, founding a club dedicated to mitigating gender inequalities. I also volunteer my time at a startup focused on creating analysis tools to hack gender equality and social inclusion for a more just world. I also value being active, as I dedicate my free time to playing both basketball and badminton. In my spare time outside of those activities, I enjoy exploring new genres of music, film, literature, and art. I’m looking forward to serving as a state officer this year, and I hope to collaborate with all MA BPA members in developing a welcoming community to ensure BPA is an excellent experience for you all! 

Xavier Melo - Secondary Historian 

I am honored and thrilled to serve as your 2024-2025 Historian. Currently, I

am a rising senior enrolled in the Business and Applied Technologies

program at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School. Since my

sophomore year, I have been involved with BPA after being introduced to it

by a former advisor. Last year, I had the opportunity to travel to California

for NLC and have since moved into leadership roles to help promote my

community's growth using the experience I gained.

Apart from BPA, I spend my time working with underprivileged youth,

playing guitar, and turning the music up to eleven. I am also an active

member of SkillsUSA, DECA, National Technical Honor Society, and serve

as a BP Student Recruitment Leader. My ambition and goal this year is to

promote BPA and help new members experience the prosperous

opportunities that BPA has to offer. I am excited to serve you in this

upcoming year!