Massachusetts BPA's membership Is comprised of over 300 high school and college students from across the Commonwealth, divided into the following divisions:

Post-secondary Division (College)

Membership in the post-secondary division is for currently enrolled college students (1-year, 2-year, undergraduate or advanced degrees) involved in business, career technical and career or related education programs.

As of Fall 2022, we have one post-secondary chapter In Massachusetts:

  • MA BPA Post-secondary Virtual Chapter - for any post-secondary student attending school in a Massachusetts post-secondary college or university, or attending school outside of Massachusetts, but their primary place of residence remains in Massachusetts.

For more Information on the post-secondary division, please visit this page.

Secondary Division (High School)

Membership in the secondary division is for currently enrolled high school students involved in business, career technical and career or related education programs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

As of the Fall of 2022, we have chapters in the following Massachusetts schools:

  • Assabet Valley Regional Technical School

  • Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School

  • Bromfield School

  • Diman RVTHS

  • Greater New Bedford RVTHS

  • Hopkinton High School

  • Keefe Regional Technical School

  • Lowell High School

  • Lower Pioneer Valley Career & Technical Education Center

  • Marlborough High School

  • McCann Technical School

  • Pathfinder RVTHS

  • Wahconah Regional High School

  • MA BPA Secondary Virtual Chapter - for any high school student in Massachusetts interested in joining MA BPA, but there is no formal chapter in their school.

Alumni / Professional Membership

Alumni are former active members of any student division.

A professional member may be a person associated with MA BPA. Such members may include teachers, teacher-coordinators, teacher-educators and supervisors, employers and/or training station sponsors of business education, friends of MA BPA, corporate sponsors and others willing to contribute to MA BPA's growth and development. Professional members are stand-alone members, not serving as part of a chartered division.

For more details on alumni & professional membership, as well as ways to give back, view this page.