Fall Leadership Conference

Fall Leadership Conference

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

the Sheraton Framingham

New for this year:

This year, the state officer team has prepared a Fall Leadership Conference for both secondary and post-secondary students. We are excited to announce that Microsoft will be coming to the conference to help MABPA with a new online leadership initiative.

Note to advisors:

The format for our Fall Leadership Conference is changing this year. We will be working together with our members to develop content designed to provide resources to prepare for competitive events. Your state officer team will also be presenting information about Torch Awards and assisting to students to register in the Torch System or make additional entries into their current accounts. Here's some information to help you prepare for the conference:


  1. We will be providing a continental breakfast and lunch.
  2. Please have students bring laptops or tablets. We will provide internet. (If all students do not have access to a device sharing will work.)
  3. If you have a power strip please bring it, we will have extras and extension cords available.

Torch Awards

  1. Please register students in the on-line membership before you register them for the conference. They need their membership number to create a profile in the Torch Award system. Please let me know if you have any questions about membership registration.
  2. Ask students to review the Torch Award Program on-line prior to the conference. http://www.bpa.org/service/torch
  3. Ask students to make a list of any activities that they have done during high school that might qualify for Torch Award points. The officers will help them enter them.

Competitive Events Preparation Resources

  1. You and your students must choose one of the WSAP areas when they registered. This is the area that you will be working in during the workshop. Many students compete in more than one area and may continue to do so. However, for FLC we ask that they choose one to focus on.
  2. Ask students to prepare for FLC by reviewing the events in the area that they chose. http://www.bpa.org/compete
  3. For example they might chose Finance and have an interest in accounting competitions and careers or chose Digital Communication and Design because they are interested in Broadcast News Production Team.
  4. Remember that students must have a member login to access the WSAP information. The advisor may also print a .pdf copy and provide on-line access for their students.
Fall Leadership Conference 2018 Student Agenda

2018 Fall Leadership Conference Student Agenda

Fall Leadership Conference 2019 Advisor Agenda.pdf

2018 Fall Leadership Conference Advisor Agenda

Creating Online Modules for Workplace Skills Assessment Program.pdf

Guidelines for Creating Online Modules for Workplace Skills Assessment Program

WSAP Notes.pdf

Overview of Workplace Skills Assessment Program

Fall Leadership Conference Advisor Meeting Minutes

FLC Advisor Meeting Minutes