State Officer Team

Eli Nottonson- President

Eli Nottonson is a senior at Natick High School in Natick, Massachusetts. He has been involved in BPA since his freshman year and has had the privilege to serve as a State Officer for the 2016-2017 year. Outside of BPA, he is involved in the production of TedX Natick as the High school Co-ordinator as well as working at Best Buy in Framingham. His hobbies include web designing, writing movie reviews, droning, and Netflix binging. Eli loves getting involved as much as possible with BPA and really enjoys serving with his fellow State Officers!

Matt Dewar- Vice President

Hi MA BPA! My name is Matthew Dewar. I am your Vice President. I study business technology at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School. I play varsity soccer, basketball and track. I have been apart of BPA for 2 years. I enjoy warm weather, soccer, and comedy. I also enjoy competing in BPA and being a 2017-18 state officer!

Julia Esoldi- Secretary

My name is Julia Esoldi and I am a 2017-2018 Massachusetts State Officer. I attend the high school McCann Technical as a senior in the trade of business technology. I am apart of the Varsity Soccer & Softball team and look forward to playing these sports after high school In college while also pursuing the medical and business field. People know me as a very outgoing and energetic person! I am also very persistent and hardworking and I always push myself to achieve my goals! Being apart of this organization has given me the chance to showcase my skills and build myself into the leader I've always wanted to be.

Adriel Pacheco- Treasurer

My name is Adriel Pacheco and I am a senior in the Business Technology program at Greater New Bedford High School. I have been involved in BPA since my sophomore year and went to nationals last year and I am going again this year as a state officer. I am a huge sports fan and love anything to do with sports. I am a friendly person once you get know me. I hope I get to meet those of you who are going to nationals and I hope we can all enjoy it. Let the sun shine where butterflies fly and the birds glide by. Spread your wings!

Evan Dogu- Parliamentarian

Hello I am Evan Dogu, I attend South Shore Vocational Technical High school. I am enrolled into the Computer Information Technology program there. In my free time I am usually playing sports such as Football or Lacrosse. If not I am at the the gym either training or volunteering my time to other things. I also like to travel the world with my family such as going to Turkey, England, and Germany. Today, I am the Massachusetts Business Professionals of America State Parliamentarian which I am proud to be apart of with all my other state officer friends. In the future I plan on joining the Air Force to help serve our country.

Grace McGrath- Historian

My name is Grace McGrath and I am currently the Historian of the 2017-2018 Massachusetts BPA State Officer Team. I am a high honors student at McCann Technical School and a senior in business technology. I am responsible, dedicated, and ambitious. I have been employed at McDonald’s since I was 14 years old, where I am a Crew Chief and on track to becoming a manager. At 17 this accomplishment demonstrates commitment and dedication to my endeavors. I am also working on a co-op job as an accounting intern. I am active in dance and a new member to the National Honor Society. I am a leader in my home being the eldest child with 3 younger brothers. My family has instilled in me the strength to follow my ambitions and the poise to know who I am. With all of this, school remains my priority; I strive to succeed and maintain an A average. I am excited to compete and serve as state historian for the 2017 National Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida!