In October of 2019, a new Board of Directors was established. According to the By-Laws of the organization, there will be a nine member Board of Directors to include the following positions:

1. State Officer Position (1 year)

2. State Officer Position (1 year)

3. Business Representative (3 year position)

4. Business Representative (3 year position)

5. Chapter Advisor (3 year position)

6. Chapter Advisor (3 year position)

7. Alumni Representative (3 year position)

8. Alumni Representative (3 year position)

9. At Large (3 year position)

The 2020-2021 Board consists of the following people:

1. State Officer Position: Ellianna Christopher

2. State Officer Position: Andre Ragel

3. Business Representative: Nick Kellar

4. Business Representative: Kevin Benjamin

5. Chapter Advisor: Jill Taylor

6. Chapter Advisor: Maciel Pais

7. Alumni Representative: Ryan Rapkowicz

8. Alumni Representative: Lyndsay Robinson

9. At Large: Maggie Ellis

Board of Directors Application

Due by Sunday, February 21.

Voted on during Adivsors Meeting on Sunday, February 28 at 1:00 PM

By-Laws Revised 10/27/19

By-Laws (Revised 10/25/19)

Massachusetts Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures Handbook (Last updated 9/9/20)

2019-2020 Annual Report.pdf

2019-2020 Annual Report