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State Director: Kristin McManus

  • Oversees Fall Leadership and State Leadership conference logistics and registration

  • Serves as the connection between the Business Professional of America National Center and the state of Massachusetts

  • Develops and maintains a budget

  • Applies for grant funds

  • Maintains compliance of state and national regulations

  • Manages all MABPA state operations

Contact Kristin:

Director of Education: Judy McKinstry

  • Oversees Workplace Skills Assessment Program and competitive events at the State Leadership Conference

  • Works in conjunction with the judges' coordinator and events coordinators at SLC

  • Manages the Learning Management System and any other state run education initiatives

State Officer Coordinator: Andrea Leal

  • Supervise sand coordinates all staff officer team activities

  • Coordinates the Fall Leadership Conference in conjunction with the State Director

  • Provides leadership training for the State Officer Team

  • Coordinates and attends Special Olympics with Officer Team

  • Coordinates state officer elections

  • Supervises all state officer areas of responsibility at the State and National Leadership Conference

Contact Andrea:

Director of Organizational Leadership: Andre Ragel

  • Create, organize, and oversee the MABPA Learning Management System
  • Assist in seeking corporate sponsors, partnerships, and other such opportunities to benefit the organization
  • Assist in coordinating the Fall Leadership and State Leadership Conferences in conjunction with the State Director and the State Officer Coordinator

Contact Andre:

Intern Coordinator: Luke Fairman

  • Coordinates the Intern program at the State Leadership Conference.

  • Works in conjunction with the state director to identify needs at the SLC that interns can meet